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My Name is

Laura Scott Gudipalley



Hi, I am Laura S. Gudipalley, a General Contractor, I am the Owner of Custom Home Gyms, LLC. I offer many services such as Architectural Design Plans and Interior Design services. I draw architectural floor plans for my clients by hand or on auto cad including the furnishings and fitness equipment, using my own measurements. I will work within a target price range on projects, so if you have an idea of what you want to spend on your home, I will stay true to that budget.  Please contact me directly at 678 472 3719 for architectural design services.  I am a Native Georgia Peach! I have had a passion for health, design, and human well-being since a child. 

I found that fitness was not my only passion at an early age in life because I had such a strong passion for design. I knew that my mission in College was to combine Fitness with Interior Design. 

So off to College at the University of Alabama!


After years of studying and self-reflection, I gained the knowledge of design towards the HUMAN BODY, and grew a strong understanding of my business Custom Home Gyms, LLC.

I began the design of my business in college where I thought of the idea of combining fitness with home use. After college I put my plan into place and made my idea into my own personal business call Custom Home Gyms, LLC.

I now have developed my own company Custom Home Gyms, LLC, offering several services such as general contracting, interior design, personal training, gym equipment sales, and nutrition menus.

 My clients understand the benefits they receive from each device they use at home and keep coming back for more!

  In order to achieve a healthy heart, brain, and body one must exercise daily! Less medical bills, Less money for medications, Reducing stress, Cholesterol, Anxiety, Depression, as well as strengthening body abnormalities are all a result from owning your own custom gym.

Why join 2-3 gyms to have the satisfaction of one gym in the convenience of your own home?

I enjoy showing others what I have learned and studied throughout the years. In 2008 I judged the ASID Texas Residential Chapter Awards Entries, designed several projects, and co-designed the 2007-2008 Bobby Dodd Institute Corporate Building, Atlanta, Georgia (Non-Profit Organization). In 2016 I did a full bacement remodel, with some of my drafts and photos to view on my website. In 2017 I wrote "Laura's Great Guide to Fitness" a wonderful fitness guide to help one stay on their fitness track. In 2023 I submitted work for architectural designer of the year for Awards Ceremony with ADAC.


"Be true to your dream, and keep them alive. Never let anyone change your mind about what you feel you can achieve. Always believe in yourself.

Be true to the light that is deep within you. Hold on to your faith, hope, and joy for life. Keep good thoughts in your mind and good feelings in your heart. Keep love in your life, and you will find the love and light in everyone.

Be giving, forgiving, patient, and kind. Have faith in yourself. Be your own best friend, and listen to the voice that tells you to be your best self.

Be true to yourself in the paths that you choose. Follow your talents and passions; don't take the roads other say you must follow because they are the most popular. Take the paths where your talents will thrive-the ones that will keep your spirits alive with enthusiasm and everlasting joy.

Most of all, never forget that there is no brighter light than the one within you. Keep on being true to yourself"

-Jacqueline Schiff

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