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Custom Home Gyms, LLC.

Get Fit in the Comfort

of Your Own Home

Get your architectural plans drawn by Custom Home Gyms, LLC to be and approved by county for construction and renovations.


Certified Spatial & Architectural Planner

Interior Designer

Photos of Projects

As a certified Interior Designer, I receive discounts on specialty furnishings and finishes as well as the overall order cost to make a special hand picked furniture piece. Discounts vary, but are extremely important when buying high end furniture pieces and decorating your home.


3 Bathroom Remodels,

2 Bedroom Remodels, Apartment Re-Design, Library Remodel, Bobby Dodd Institute Remodel

Corporate Building, a non-profit organization in Atlanta, Georgia, including Conference Room, Reception, and Cafeteria, Judged the 2008 ASID Texas Residential Chapter Award Entries.

2010/ New Home Makeover

2014/Now currently working on a

basement renovation and a entryway room.

Good Design

Is getting what you asked for, within a certain price range and within a certain time frame.

Bad Design

Is finding yourself uncomfortable in a given space.

Designer Fees

$175 for consultation, $2,675 for city plans, and $75.00 per hour for design fees.

(hourly rates include all design fees including measuring, finding products and service charge on products bought).