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In Stock Fitness Products
4443 Dip Stand
Larger 2" Cushioned grips provide more cushion when performing dips
Price: $18,250.00
Commercial Vertical Knee Raise
The XMark VKR with Dip and Push Up station will provide defined abs, stronger arms, back and chest
Price: $35,625.00
Lat Pull-Down and low Row Cable Machine
Features both high and low pully stations of a multitude of exercises for use with standard of Olympic plates
Price: $900.00
7613 Seated Calf Raise Machine
Calf raises increase running and athletic performance while reducing injury
Price: $470.00
380 lb. Hex Dumbell set with Rack
Dumbbell rack with shelves: includes 9380 lb. set of Rubber Hex coated dumbells
Price: $1,636.25
Two Tier Heavy Duty Steel Dumbell Rack
Heavy Steel Construction; Accompanies a 450 lb., set of dumbbells'
Price: $186.25
4 Ft. Three Tier Dumbbell Rack
Features angled shelves: holds a complete set of 5 lb., to 50 set of dumbbells,
Price: $236.25
Dumbbell and Plate Rack with Dual Bar Storage
Store your dumbbells in one convenient location
Price: $271.25