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Home Personal Training
Custom Home Gyms, LLC. brings the gym to your door and offers personal training as well.  You will receive the finest fitness equipment in the market and my training rates are incomparable to any gym around.  
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Single Sessions
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Sessions and Packages
$50.00 per session
1 month = $200
(4 sessions)
1 x week
3 month = $1,200
(24 sessions)
 2 x week
6 month = $4,200
(84 sessions)
 3 x week
12 month = $9,600
(192 sessions)
4 x week
Nutrition is Key to Healthy Living
Extras Include
$30 written meal plan
$30 aerobic activity log
$30 written work out schedule

Download your weekly food chart and start logging your eating patterns.  Send them to P.O. Box 250121 Atlanta, Ga 30325 atten: Laura Gudipalley.  Leave your name and phone number and I will contact you on what type of goals you are setting for yourself. 
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What I Offer
Customized Workout Programs, Professional Training, Customized Diet Plans, One on One Consulting, Pilates, Endurance Training, Kick-boxing, Swimming, Strength Training, Aqua Boxing, Water Aerobics, and Resistance Training.
Training Location
Your OWN Residence!
CPR and ISSA Certified in Performance Nutrition, Personal Training, and Exercise Programming For Older Adults. 
 International Sports Sciences Association
The World Leader in Fitness Certification- Since 1988
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