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Designer Services

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Custom Home Gyms, llc introduction video
Laura Gudipalley describes a little about Custom Home Gyms, llc and shares contact information.

Designer Services and Website Design
Designer Services and Website Design

View 3D GYM SPACE Designed by Custom Home Gyms, LLC

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3d gym video
Designed by Laura Gudipalley, Owner of Custom Home Gyms, LLC. Call 6784723719 for your own home gym or go to for more information.

Interior Designer Services 

ASID Industry Partner, CRYE-LEIKE Reality Partner, Ethan Allen Interior Design Affiliate, ARHAUS Interior Design Affiliate, BAYOU, PRECOUR, and EX-Mark Fitness Equipment Wholesale Supplier, FIDER, NASAD, CPR, ISSA, ACE, and AFFA certified



Consultation of fitness equipment; space planning, what works for your space, and what works with you.  No measurements are taken at this point.

Down Payment of $175.00 to start any project.   A signed agreement must be made  before work starts so that no work done will be compromised.

Industrial Floor Plans and Renderings $2,675.00

Space Plans for New Residential Homes and Commercial Properties or any Custom Floor Plan made to order.
Interior Design Floor Plans are made Custom Order Per Individual for the use of new build or pre-existing space.  
1) Square footage and number of floors established2) Bubble Charts: Selection of relation of rooms3) Square footage decision for each space4) Furniture, Lighting, Electrical Plans5) Final Renderings
Each additional hour is $115.00 added to work on the plans.Floor plan design using measurements of your space, inputting furnishings and fitness equipment.
(hourly rates include all design fees including drafting, measuring, finding products and service charge on products bought).

Interior Design Services $75.00 an hour (10 hour minimum)
This charge is for extra outside design work; including selection of paint colors, new furnishings, rugs, wall hangings, etc.   Ten hours of designer services is required to schedule a service along with a $175.00 consultation.  This comes to $925.00 for 10 hours of design services.  This does not include drafting or auto cad services.

Hi, I am Laura S. Gudipalley, and Interior Designer.  I am the Owner of Custom Home Gyms, LLC.  I offer many services, one of which is Interior Design services.  I draw up a floor plan for you by hand or on auto cad including the furnishings and fitness equipment for you, using your own home measurements.  Take a look at some of my work above.   I sell many products you may be interested in purchasing for your gym that I can draw in your floor plan.  I charge $75.oo per hour  if you want me to select paint colors, new furnishings, rugs, and wall hangings for your space.  I work within a target price range on projects, so have an idea of what you want to spend on your project when you call.  Please contact me directly at 678 472 3719 for design service.

•Step 1 Design Services
•Step 2 Custom Fitness Products
•Step 3 Personal Fitness Training

 Who Will Benefit?   
Only You Can Decide to Make a Change!
What is the most important room in
your house???
Kitchen? Bedroom? Study?
Media Room?
Where is your Custom Gym?

Great with color selection.
In order to achieve a healthy heart, brain, and
body one must exercise daily!
As a Certified Personal Trainer and Registered
Interior Designer, I am fully aware of the body and
how it functions.  I guarantee that I will leave no
client with any questions concerning how or why
he or she has invested in a Custom Home Gym.

Cybex Octane- Fitness Vision Fitness- Total Gym
(several others are not listed)
Our Clients Benefit From
Individual, Staff and Facility training, on-site evaluation
and layout design, 24-48 hour service response time,
and the longest warranties in the industry.
 I Bring Results! 
I want you to understand the Full Benefits you
will receive from owning your own custom built gym.
This is a Life Style Change!
My Mission + Your Mission = Our Mission   
I believe your home should reflect your personal taste and style.
That is why I spend considerable time listening to each
client and their specific goals and ideas right from the start.
I then guide you every step of the way until you realize
your true vision.
My team is skilled at solving complex space and design problems.
I work closely with architects, builders, and contractors,
ensuring quality and workmanship in a friendly environment.  Attention to detail and our extensive experience has led to
industry recognition, awards, and most importantly,
very satisfied clients.
No job is too big or too small.
Hotels, Apartments, Homes, High Schools, Universities, Country Clubs, Resorts, Police/Fire Departments, Medical/Rehab Facilities, Corporate Wellness, Fitness Clubs
What are you trying to accomplish?
Lose weight, gain strength, dance, palates, yoga or all of the above?  Once this has been determined, we will determine how your space will lend itself to meet your  daily fitness goals and requirements.
For example:  If you are looking to loose weight and increase your strength, a selection of a treadmill, dumbbells, smith machine, and some steps would do the job.
Quick Tip: Weather you have you own equipment or you use someone else, you will not reach you fitness goals unless you are self-motivated!